We got home safely from our tour with Fell Voices. As a band we'll be taking a break for a few months while we work on other projects.

We had a few things for sale on tour that we have extras of, get in contact if you'd like any of these:

-Fell Voices/Ash Borer split CS (SOLD OUT)
-Ash Borer 2009 Demo CS (SOLD OUT)
-Ash Borer 2010 Tour Rehearsal Demo CDR (SOLD OUT)
-Ash Borer shirts ($10) [specify white or gray ink - SMALLS AND XLS SOLD OUT]



Recordings for the split LP with Fell Voices are done. Records should be in by our tour together. We've included a sample in this post, for those that are interested.




We will be touring through the south and southwest with Fell voices this August. This page will be updated while shows are confirmed.

July 29 - Arcata
July 30 - Bay Area
July 31 - Los Angeles
August 1 - Flagstaff
August 2 - Albuquerque
August 3 - Las Cruces
August 4 - Austin
August 5 - Houston
August 6 - Baton Rouge
August 7 - New Orleans
August 8 - New Orleans
August 9 -Birmingham
August 10 - Nashville
August 11 - St. Louis
August 12 - Kansas City
August 13 - Omaha
August 14 - Denver
August 15 - Salt Lake City
August 16 - Boise
August 17 - Reno
August 18 - Oakland


Touring and other news.

A tour of the Southwestern and Southeastern portion of the United States will commence in August, booking will begin soon. We will be joined by our good friends Fell Voices. If you live between Northern California and New Orleans and would like to help us book a show, get in contact.

Songs for our 12" remain unrecorded, recording will (hopefully) commence in April. We may, perhaps, be recording an additional song for a 1-song 7", or potentially a split.

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