Spring Update.


The Gilead Media Fest will be our only show until August or September. We play Day I of the fest (April 28). The full schedule can be found at Gilead Media.

We will also be performing at this year's Stella Natura Festival in Camptonville, CA (Outside of Nevada City). The fest will take place between September 21st and 23rd. Visit Pesanta Urfolk for more information as it is released.


Our very first demo from 2009 is now available on LP. It has been remixed from the original tracks by our long time engineer Andrew Oswald, and mastered for vinyl by Dan Randall at Mammoth Sound Mastering. It is available to pre-order at Bis Auf's Messer (Germany). Psychic Violence will have copies to sell shortly as well.
*Note: In addition to the standard press, there is a limited version of this LP available, that will only be available directly from Bis Auf's Messer. Do not contact us attempting to reserve a copy, any that we will make available will be sold exclusively at the Gilead Media Fest.

We have launched a Bandcamp page for all of our official releases. Visit HERE.

Psychic Violence will be updated soon to include the Demo LP, as well as new Ash Borer shirts and hoodies (as well as other PV/related releases).

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