European Tour Dates / News

No additional dates will be added, though specifics are subject to change. For venue information, please consult

In addition to European dates, we will be playing 2 domestic tour kickoff shows with Graves at Sea and Aldebaran:

March 26 - Portland, OR - Ash St. Speakeasy (with Ephemeros)

March 27 - Seattle, WA - The Black Lodge

Release News

- Our 2011 Self Titled Full Length will be reissued by Profound Lore Records on CD this winter, with an official release date of January 22 (likely available through PFL directly at an earlier date). The design and layout will be nearly identical to the first pressing of the LP version on Pesanta Urfolk.

- After some delays, the DLP version of Cold of Ages is in production at Pesanta Urfolk, and will be available later this winter in both die-hard and standard versions.

- Our 2009 Demo LP will be repressed by Vendetta Records for our European tour this Spring.

More exciting news to come soon...

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