Triumvir Foul Release Debut Full Length

The eponymous debut from TRIUMVIR FOUL (featuring M.S. and R.F. of Ash Borer) is now available on CD and digital formats, with analog pressings to follow. Triumvir Foul play caustic death metal with elements of black metal.


Realm of Sacrifice, the debut album by VANUM (K.M. of Ash Borer // M.R. of Fell Voices), is now available on LP format through our closely-affiliated Psychic Violence Records imprint. It is currently available on limited edition translucent red vinyl as well as 180 gram black vinyl. 


Vanum - Realm of Sacrifice

Realm of Sacrifice, the debut release by Ash Borer-related project VANUM, is now available from Profound Lore Records. VANUM is a collaborative effort between K.M. of Ash Borer and Michael Rekevics of Fell Voices. To stay updated on this project, please follow Profound Lore Records online or VANUM on Facebook. The album is available to stream in full as well as purchase on CD & Digital formats at the Bandcamp link below or the Profound Lore Records website. A vinyl edition is forthcoming through Psychic Violence Records

VANUM's debut performance will take place in Brooklyn, NY as part of the Dissociative Visions event being held on July 24/25. Tickets and information available here: TICKETS

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